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Kid's Kickboxing

A well developed program for children 6 to 12, we teach a modified version of our Adult program. The most notable difference is the exclusion of head contact of any form.  What remains the same is the detail oriented instruction of techniques and strategies combined with equal parts sports conditioning.
Kickboxing is a sport and we are teaching that sport in a safe, fun and energetic environment. The kid’s program has a rank system that members can advance through by demonstrating skill and understanding of each levels curriculum.
The program is a combination of skills training and physical fitness and focus and retention practice.  This program is best suited for kid’s that excel or demonstrate an interest in contact sports.
Tuesday and Thursday 6:15 pm – 7:15 pm


Kid’s Boxing Gloves
Kid’s Shin Guards
Kid’s Hand wraps
Mouth guard
Groin guard (for males)

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