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Real Fighters Gym

Real Fighters Gym is the culmination of 20 years of hard work, training, fighting and learning from and among many of the best fighters in the world. Currently located in the Bluegrass Industrial Park, the gym is home to Team Haycraft, the gym’s fight team. Our fight team is made up of the fighters, coaches and each and every member of the gym that support our cause. We truly are a gym family.

A very small percent of all the members that train at Real Fighters Gym actually compete. Regardless the curriculum is the same for each and every person that joins the gym. Unlike many programs across the USA, we choose to push you to do more than you knew you could versus creating watered down programs. On any given day you will find current active fighters, retired fighters, coaches and recreational participants all training side by side in our mixed level classes.

The training program at Real Fighters Gym has been time tested across the country in each and every major kickboxing and Muay Thai tournament. Our fighters compete on the international level in recent years traveling multiple times to Holland, Suriname, Spain, Germany,France, Slovenia, China, Italy and Mexico. Our fighters are well respected across the country from small regional amateur events to televised events such as Bellator & Glory.

Head Coach, Eric Haycraft, has spent his entire life learning the fight game. First as student, then a fighter and now as a coach. He has put himself in the position through his work in the sport to work side by side with many of the sports icons learning first hand from the best! These experiences culminate in the programs at Real Fighters Gym.

Real Fighters Gym offers training programs for the fitness minded, the recreational fight fan and all the way up to developing an amateur fight career all the way to the professional level.